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Cricket is undoubtedly a very highly followed and appreciated sport in India, and why wouldn’t it be? It is so simple to understand, so fun to play, and so engaging to just simply sit and watch the players play. It is a fact that this gentleman’s game started way back in England and came to India with the British when they came to India to colonize the country. Ever since then, the fan base and love for this sport have only increased manifold, and now it is more than ever.

Approximately more than 50 percent of India’s population watches and follows this sport; more than five crore people, including both males and females, play cricket in India alone, and talking about placing bets on matches, more than 100 million people place bets on matches regularly, and these numbers spike up when bigger events take place. So yes, a large portion of India’s population is highly attached to this sport.

Cricket is not just a sport but a religion in India. No matter where the people are and what they are doing. On the day of a match, people will schedule things accordingly or even stop what they are doing and gather around in front of the television with friends and family to watch the match. It is like a tradition in more families than you can imagine; trust us; it’s worth it.

Doesn’t matter if you like or know about cricket, you can still have a gala time with your friends and family. Somehow the excitement in everyone radiates through to you, too, so you end up being equally as excited. Children in India play cricket as a leisure sport with their peers from a very young age. If you ever visit a small kid’s house, we assure you that you will surely find a plastic bat and a ball.

You can also see children playing cricket with a bat and a ball on the streets of their colony, which, truth be told, is a sight to behold. So, it is not like only adults can be a part of this sport. Kids, teens, adults, and even aged people are full-fledged parts and followers of this sport.  So, if you, too, like so many other people in India, are a big follower of this sport and want to know what the latest and most popular cricket news is? We got you.

Latest Cricket News for You

There is always some kind of development or the other when it comes to cricket. It is time to catch up with a few latest cricket news today!

  1. A Big Test for KL Rahul in Zimbabwe

Players are nervous as it is before a match, but it seems that things will be slightly more difficult for KL Rahul in his upcoming match in Zimbabwe. All eyes will be on him, and the pressure on his head will be immense this time. In the upcoming three-match series KL Rahul has to truly give his best. KL Rahul had to go through a two-month-long surgery for a hernia, and hence in his comeback, he has to give his best and impress not only himself but Rohit Sharma, Rahul Dravid, and the audience. Now that is some intense pressure on a man.

Rahul has to make the best out of this game. He will be the opener of the game. Many things will be checked while Rahul is on the ground, like how he is playing, his fitness and form, his strategies, and his approach to the game. It does not matter how many runs he makes but how he makes it. There is a real test waiting for KL Rahul, which he has to pass with flying colors.

  1. Rohit Sharma is Focused on Making Worthy Changes in the Team

The upcoming T20 Asia Cup in UAE is not far away. There are some difficulties on hand for the Indian Cricket Team, but that has not made the team weak. Unfortunately, Jaspreet Bumrah had to back off due to a severe back injury. The past few days or months have been tough for the Indian Cricket team since many members have been backing out due to COVID or injuries.

However, gone are the days when a team falls to its knees when its best players are out. Rohit Sharma said that the focus is now on building a strong team with only strong players so that the team is in no way affected when anyone steps out. Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid spoke about creating a bench strength.

The main focus is now on creating a team with strong people, especially youngsters. Rohit Sharma added that the match is a few months away, and most of the team is set. Some changes might be made depending on the conditions in Australia, but everything is pretty much set.

  1. Virat Kohli is Putting Efforts to Come Back Stronger

The Asia Cup is not far away. Times have been testing for Virat Kohli, but he is not backing down and is preparing beforehand to come back stronger than ever. Kohli has started intense training at the Mumbai Cricket Association’s Indoor Cricket Academy with his coach Sanjay Bangar.

This is a golden opportunity to get his place and come back on the team, which has been going downhill recently. However, no one said that he wouldn’t be able to get back on his feet. Virat Kohli trained for 90 minutes straight a few days back, and that tells us something about how driven and motivated he is.

Wrapping Up

These were some more of the hottest and trending cricket news that we bet you enjoyed! Cricket is one of the best sports in the world, and we very much agree with that.

It is one of the most interesting and engaging sports ever. We are big cricket fans, and we are responsible for ensuring that you get all cricket news and updates on time.

The above-listed were some of the most informative cricket news pieces that help easily gauge every essence of recent popular matches.

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