Some Golden rules of cricket betting

Today Cricket Match Betting tips are quite common all across the internet. However, when placing bets, a tip or two does come in handy once in a while.

A fair warning, though, to never take any tip at an absolute value. To get a glimpse over today cricket match betting tips, continue reading.

Here are a few of the betting tips

Think About The Pitch Grounds

You should also pay attention to the condition of the pitch grounds since it is one of the variables that can affect the quality of play. Sometimes this is influenced by the weather; other times, it is influenced by the surface given by grounds men.

In-Play Variables

While some of the best sports betting tips rely on out-of-play factors, others will focus on in-play variables. This can be anything from who won the coin toss on opening morning to a team’s overall experience playing at a certain ground or against a certain team.

The Coin Toss– On the opening morning of the cricket game, a coin is tossed, and the winning captain will get to decide whether their team bowls or bats first. While a whole range of factors may also influence gameplay, it has been found that 34.8% of teams that win the coin toss at a test match end up winning the whole game.

Overall Team Experience– Although it may seem like an obvious point to make, the experience of the team will have a huge influence on the outcome of the game. This doesn’t always relate to how long they’ve been playing cricket, though – it could be anything from the team they’re playing against to the grounds they’re playing on.

If a team isn’t used to their opposition’s technique, they may be at a disadvantage. It’s the same with the pitch grounds – an away team might not have experience with the given conditions. Such small variables can cause big consequences.

Batsman Experience– Keep the experience of the batsmen in mind when placing a cricket bet; they are all going to be at different stages of their careers. Less experienced batsmen may seem successful during short-form games like T20 Cricket, but they may not be as lucky during long-form test matches.

Bowlers’ Experience– The same applies to bowlers, too. An experienced bowler will know how to ‘scare’ the batsman with strong bowls, affecting gameplay. Not-so-experienced bowlers may not have nailed this skill yet, meaning in-play variables won’t be as exciting.

Confidence– Just like in several other sports, confidence is key for the success of any cricket player while on the pitch. However, this can change in an instant. A blinding catch or misjudgment can immediately impact a player’s confidence, causing them to lose motivation when playing. Although a more unpredictable in-play variable, looking into how players overcome knocks to their confidence may hint towards the outcome of a game.

The above in-play variables are particularly important to keep in mind when putting your money on in-play betting. This is a form of betting which takes place during the event rather than beforehand.

Cricket betting, like other popular sports, carries its own set of terminology, but what do we mean when we talk about the intriguingly named 3-way betting?

What is a 3-way Bet?

A three-way bet is available in a cricket match where there are three possible outcomes. The most obvious of these lies in test cricket, where there could be a win for either side plus a draw.

In limited overs cricket, the markets will usually offer a win for each team. While there is scope for a tie within the game’s laws, the sportsbooks don’t tend to provide this as a betting option. Instead, they may look to apply their dead heat rules if the scores finish the level.

In short, you should think of test cricket when analyzing 3-way betting.

What Sports Enable 3-way betting?

Any sport where a draw is a legitimate result can be open to 3-way bets. The most common example would be football, where the draw happens on a more regular basis. Rugby union is another possibility but draws much rarer here.

Occasionally, the draw is possible in individual sports. League formats in darts and snooker are examples, but, in general, we’re talking about team sports.

To emphasize, your options in a 3-way bet for a match between Team A and Team B are

  • A win for Team A
  • A win for Team B
  • A draw

What to Consider When Placing a 3-way Bet?

Because of the name, some new sports bettors wrongly assume that they are making three bets here. In reality, you are just looking to pick one of those three options.

Remember that, in sports where there are three options, the odds for a win on each team will be longer in contrast to events in, say, tennis, where only two possible outcomes exist.

Having decided that you’re going to take a three-way bet, you now need to do some research that would help you to pick out a winner. Cricket games can be influenced by a number of factors, including form, head-to-head results between the two sets of opponents on the show, and any likely injury absences.

Remember too that we have the draw as a third option. Drawn games are becoming rarer in test cricket, but what about the likely weather conditions? While we can’t rely completely on a forecast, the likelihood of rain can shorten playing time and increase the chances of a draw.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider if you are looking to get involved with 3-way betting.

What Does Match Winner 3-Way Mean?

Match Winner 3-way betting is simply another way in which to describe the type of 3-way bet that we’ve covered extensively in this round-up. While the ‘match winner’ portion of that term may suggest otherwise, we have another three-way bet to consider.

Once again, those three options are for a win for either side or a draw. It’s another piece of betting terminology that is most commonly used in football markets, and you could also see this listed as 1, X, 2.

To clarify:

  • 1 = a win for the home side
  • X = a draw
  • 2 = a win for the away side

It’s less common for this format to be shown against cricket matches, but it can appear, so it’s important to know what 1, X, 2 means.

In summary, Match Winner 3 Way is just another term for a regular 3 way bet.


3 Way betting can be a good place to start for anyone new to cricket betting. If we take away the terminology, it’s really a simple equation where the bettor has to decide on who will win or whether the game will finish as a draw.

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