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The need to watch football of people is increasing day by day due to many reasons. First of all, due to the two years of isolation after Covid-19, people are now seeking for football matches of any leagues they can see. So there are many people want to watch football online and of course, online broadcast website is fundamental for viewers. Secondly, watching matches online is much more easier than going to the stadium and yet, cost less or even nothing. The article below will introduce to you all the basic information related to bongdalivetv.net website.

Bongdalive tv is a non-profit channel that provides free football links to viewers. Although it has only grown in the last few years, the website is still getting some prominent successes in which providing viewers with the fastest and the most accurate online football links.

Why was bongdalivetv created?

With the rapid development of modern technology, people nowadays do not need to go to the stadium or buying a television to watch their favourite soccer matches. All they need is an Internet connection and a smart device, such as personal computer, tablet or smart phone. Catching this trend, bongdalive tv was born and became one of the best solutions to help remove difficulties for those who do not have the time and conditions to follow their favourite football clubs. According to many professionals, the appearance of this website is considered as an optimal solution to help users watch football at anytime and anywhere in a fast speed.

When experiencing football matches at other websites, players regularly feel unsatisfied because of the quality of the sound along with too many ads. These elements will cause a huge discomfort during the viewing process. That is why the website bongdalivetv is a reasonable choice for everyone up to now.

The reason to choose bongdalivetv to watch football leagues

Football is known to be the king sport that attracts a huge number of viewers and always be an indispensable spiritual food everyday. So, here are all reasons why viewers should choose bongdalive tv to watch their favourite club:

Full broadcast links of all matches: bongdalive tv channel will help you in watching all the football matches you like. No matter whenever the matches happen, bongdalive tv will have the links for you.

High broadcasting quality: This website supports Vietnamese commentary in each match for viewers to follow. We not only provide dramatic matches, but also using the most modern technologies and the most modern processing systems to help viewers keep track of their matches with the best visual quality. Furthermore, there will be nearly no lagging and connection error when using bongdalivetv thanks to the stable connection of the master server. Indeed, during the viewing process, there will be less online advertisements appear to help the audience to immerse themselves in football matches in the most impressive and interesting way.

Links are updated daily and accurately: the website’s online system is flawless due to the continous update of the match schedule in a specific order as well as information of each match. This will help viewers in arranging time to follow their beloved football matches anywhere around the world.

The advantages of bongdalive

Giving players the correct betting rates which will be updated continuously before and during the match.

Information support from the biggest bookmakers in the world.

The high level of review in many online football forums.

The expert article system is updated daily with articles from the most professional gamblers all over the world.

Match information will be updated before the show time along with the history against other teams to gives viewers the best chance to bet on them.

Any error with the website link will be fixed immediately in a niche of time.

The website is compatible with many different operating systems so viewers can watch online matches on any device and any operation they want.

The website supports Vietnamese commentary for domestic viewers to grasp neccessary information.

The disadvantage of bongdalivetv

Besides the great advantages this website offers to everyone, there are also some minor downsides we are dealing with.

The site’s biggest drawback is its passivity with the source of the matches. Because the website system works as a collector, it will gather the links from many sources and cannot control the status of all those links. This can lead to the problem that there will be some broken or unreadable link. Please don’t be worry because this is the problem that most channels is facing and we are working on it day by day.

In addition, this site also has many advertisement banners that show up at the beginning of the match and on many sides of the web page. Sometimes during the viewing process, an advertisement will pop up and makes viewers feel uncomfortable.

What kind of matches we provide on bongdalive?

When coming to the website bongdalivetv.net, players can easily watch many exciting football matches from many famous clubs and national teams from all legendary leagues such as:

World Cup that are held four-yearly

Euro championship league

Football Championship of South America region

Premier league, Italian championship soccer league – seria

Spains championship soccer league

Vietnam championship league

Guide to watch live football matches on bongdalive tv

To be able to watch live football on this website, please follow these three basic steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website by searching the name bongdalive on google and go to the registration section.

Step 2: Please register your account and proceed to the log in process to be able to watch your favorite football matches.

Step 3: Go to the search section and search for the matches you have missed so you can watch them again, or watch the ongoing matches that are available on the website.

How to fix the lagging status while watching

You can press f5 key on your keyboard or any reload icon on the smart phone to reload the web page again. Re do this act three or four times until the connection is stable.

If you press the f5 key and still cannot fix the problem, please log out and re-enter the website.

Check your network connection.

You can access some of the backup links below.


The above article has shown you the most basic information related to bong dalivetv.net website. Hopefully, through this article, you will have the needed information about the website to give yourself the most reasonable decision on seeking for a stable broadcast websites.

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