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EK88 bet is one of the biggest bookmaker in online betting market. Founded and legalised by PAGCOR, EK88bet is a prestigious address for betting warriors all around the world. Let’s find out what is the advantages of EK88bet in this article.

Operation Motto of EK88bet

EK88bet operates on the basis of Safety – Fairness – Transparency quality service. The great thing is that players can go to bet online at anytime, anywhere. In fact, they are able to play their favorite games with absolute fairness. The system operates with the principle of absolute respect for customers because they want to understand customers better and grasp the actual needs of them to build and develop further in the future. The management board of EK88bet is always proud of this business philosophy and looking forward to creating new entertainment value to become a leading brand in online entertainment field.

EK88bet Value

EK88 not only owns many teams of excellent staff but also has a headquarter of talented programmers. For the process of training and fostering talents, EK88bet bookie has integrated educational and training models from famous universities in the world. This is a smart move of EK88bet because when they offer many excellent benefits to their excellent talents, their staffs will contribute to the fullest potential and become a solid supporter for the bookie on the way of building and developing the company. In addition, EK88bet’s specialists have a thorough understanding of online entertainment industry and always take into account the needs of our customers. From there, they will exchange with programming experts, helping to improve the service to become more and more abundant and practical.

The advantages of EK88bet

Behind the success of EK88bet is the endless effort of operation team and all staffs. We will explore how the manage the most preferred casino in the world.

The legalization of EK88bet

All entertainment items on the site along with customer care services, software systems, internet infrastructure and services related to EK88 are under strict control of the Philippine government. That is the reason why EK88BET has become an entertainment group with over 1 million members all over the world.

At the same time, the bookie also published the latest information in the field of online betting. Thereby, the most convenience and professional experience will be perfectly brought to members. Hence, the EK88bet bookie has uphold the criteria of safety, transparency and fairness to build a brand for nearly 10 years. To ensure the fairness and transparency in the participation process, EK88bet has equipped the most modern monitoring systems and strict working processes into the website. In particular, the data transmission system possesses the absolute security of customer information.

24/7 online customer care service

In order for members to have absolute convenience when participating in entertainment, EK88bet has built a well-trained, 24/7 support center. The staffs of the customer care department are all professional and dedicated in handling all the problems that players face. To be honest, the EK88bet Customer Care Center is always pleased and ready to welcome members’ questions.

EK88bet game store

The bookie ek88bet is developing comprehensively in terms of interface and game store to serve the best for players. Gamers will be attracted by the game store including:

Attractive sports betting game

If you are a sports enthusiast, you cannot ignore the sport betting at ek88. The bookie offers many popular sports bets such as: SABA sports, BBIN sports, Sport Book, Virtual Sports. The betting predictions are extremely accurate and reliable. From there, players can gain a fortune with no doubt.

Online Casino

Online casino games are one of the most popular choices among those who regularly participate in online betting. The EK88bet bookie fully understands player’s points of view, so they has developed the most fresh interface with many artificial beautiful dealers. Besides, players can also participate in many different types of casino games such as: AE sexy reality, BBIN casino, MG casino, SBO casino.

Lottery online

Online lottery at EK88bet is a favourite type of game based on the player’s comments. Besides, the bonus rate of online lottery game is quite high, bringing a strong attraction to new gamers. The EK88bet bookie also offers a lively dialing interface and high-value bonuses.

Attractive slot games at ek88

Slot game is an extremely familiar game for gamers who are passionate about online betting games. The EK88bet’s slot game has a beautiful interface and high winning rate to attract players.

Instructions for member registration

To join and experience in the EK88bet platform, you need to become a member first. Please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Accessing to the latest ek88 link to enter the official homepage interface:

Step 2: Selecting the register button in the homepage interface and proceed to fill in information such as: full name, identity number, passport number… as required.

Step 3: After having filled all the information, click “Finish” and wait for a few minutes for the system  update.

Note: if the system returns a successful result, you can log in and start betting.

How to make a deposit order at EK88bet

To be able to participate in any game of EK88bet platform, you need to have a sufficient balance in your account by depositing real money in your betting account. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Accessing the previously created EK88bet account to proceed the next steps.

Step 2: Choosing the most convenient deposit method for yourself which are: bank account, game cards, e-wallet and so on.

Step 3: Proceeding to confirm the deposit transaction so that the system can update the money into your EK88bet account.

Step 4: Finally, choose your deposit order and wait the system for a few minutes to notify the transaction results.

How to make a withdrawal order at EK88bet

Withdrawal process is as simple as the deposit process with these simple steps:

Step 1: Accessing the EK88bet account to create withdrawal orders

Step 2: Selecting withdrawal and update bank information such as account number, card number, full name and other information.

Step 3: After having provided all the information, you need to select “Confirm” button to finish the transaction and wait for a few minutes to update the money into your EK88bet account.


Above is information about in We hope that you will have the best experience at the most prestigious bookie at present time.

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