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All the cricket lovers are in an intriguing anticipation of the Caribbean Premier League matches starting in September. Bookmaker PariMatch does not stay away from such an important event in the world of sports and offers its customers CPL betting. To do this, just go to the link CPL betting and familiarize yourself with the proposed forecast options.

Why choose PariMatch for CPL?

If you still have doubts about becoming a client of the company, you can safely discard all fears and hesitations. The office has been trusted for more than 27 years and during all this time it has proven itself as a reliable partner for betting.

A wide variety of sports are presented here. The CPL championship is proof that PariMatch constantly keeps its finger on the pulse and monitors the current events in the sports environment. If there is a demand for a certain sport, the company caters to the interests of its audience.

With betting on the PariMatch portal, you will get:

  • Detailed schedule of games of the Caribbean Premier League championship;
  • Possibility to make bets before the start of the match or directly during the game;
  • Odds for each team of the match;
  • Tournament rating of all participants in real time;
  • The ability to watch games live directly on the bookmaker’s website.

However, online viewing of the championship is available only to officially registered clients of the portal. Also, only authorized users can place bets for real money. Therefore, it is worth spending a few minutes to register and get all customer privileges and access to all offers.

Events worth waiting for

The West Indies Championship promises to be interesting. Strong opponents will meet on the field, who will entertain spectators, fans, and bettors with a spectacular game.

On September 1, at 2:00 p.m., St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots and Jamaica Tallahassee will meet. The bookmaker’s odds are 1.75 for the first team and 2.08 for the second. On the same day, St. Lucia Kings and Trinbago Knights will meet at 17:00. Knights are considered favorites, so their odds are 1.60. But their opponents were given odds of 2.34.

The Patriots will take on the Barbados Royals on September 2 at 2:00 p.m. Odds for the victory of Barbados are 1.62, Patriots – 2.30. Finally, on September 3 at 5 p.m., Jamaica Tallawahs will meet the Amazon Warriors of Guyana. The odds of victory are almost the same for both teams: 1.83 and 1.98, respectively.

Gamblers are offered several types of bets on the CPL. Prediction of the winner of the tournament. If you are sure that your favorite team will win, then this bet is for you. This is a fairly popular type of betting that does not require deep analysis and statistical research.

One Series Winner Prediction. Here you can favor your favorite team and predict its victory in one of the championship series.

Bet on the best player. If you have your favorite player, then this bet is for you. Bet money on the name of your favorite and who knows, maybe at the end of the series it is he and his overall result that will bring you a good profit.

Totals. These are well-known types of bets for experienced gamblers. Their essence is to determine a greater or lesser number of game indicators compared to bookmakers’ predictions. That is, if the office claims that there should be so many wounds in the game, and you do not agree with this, then feel free to choose your number, which is greater or less than the specified number. If the result is closer to your prediction, then your bet will be a winner.

Apart from this, you can also bet on innings runs and leading batsman. Any option is available to clients of the office.

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